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we're so excited to call food revolution home to these amazing food startups in the boston area.  read below to learn more about these brands and the awesome people behind them.  and visit their websites to learn more!

photo courtesy of  The Boston Globe

photo courtesy of The Boston Globe

nutty life, caroline

as she grew more health conscious, caroline got curious about why and how the almond milk she was buying didn't need to be refrigerated.  after extensive research, she learned a lot about the ingredients found in these milks that blew her away! most of these store-bought alternative milks contain gums & carrageenan, both of which are known to cause bowel issues and even bowel cancer in lab rats. 

nutty life is free of gums, carrageenan, and other additives.  all of their cashew milks are SWEETENED WITH DATES instead of using added sugars.  nutty life uses 8-35% nuts in their milks while typical store-bought nut milks contain 2-10%.  nutty life is the most creamy, delicious alternative milk you will ever try.

lauren aukalife.jpg

aukalife, lauren

lauren is a passionate female entrepreneur based in Boston.  she created aukalife to ENHANCE the nutritional value of each meal, giving the community a truly natural and healthy product.  her organic superfood blends make any smoothie, yogurt, or meal more nutritious and delicious!

she aims to be an example and EMPOWER young women everywhere to pursue their passion, and INSPIRES you to follow your dreams. 


plant-based provisions, talia

pair a chronic sweet tooth with a passion for clean eating and what do you get? delicious sweets you can feel good about eating.  plant-based provisions (pbp) is talia's answer to wanting to have her cake and eat it, too.  her vegan custard puddings are free of all 8 major allergens and are naturally sweetened with dates.  they're great as a dairy free breakfast alternative to yogurt or eggs, an afternoon pick-me-up, or a sweet ending to any meal.  the pbp website is in the works! stay tuned :)